Rear Blade

Rear Blade

Land leveling, yard cleaning, farm road grading, snow clearing, ditching and terracing, backlifting, earth moving: these are some of the many jobs that you can do with this versatile tool. With the grader wheel installed, hydralic position control holds the blade at the chosen depth for the fine leveling.

- Angle and pitch of blade are also adjustable from tractor seat

- Blade pitch is adjustable from 0 to 40 degree by the screw lever in reach of the tractor seat.

- The blade can completely reversed for back filling.

- For Access to awkward place it can be offset to either side.

- An alternative hitch pin for the right and lower link allows the blade to the tilled for digging ditches or irrigation channels.

Blade Width 7Ft
BLADE LENGTH 5ft with Grader Wheel